About the comic

Towards Eden is an online comic set in a small Argentine town in the late 90s.

The story follows Daniel, José, and Isabel, three people with vastly different backgrounds, as their lives connect in the midst of a town run-down with crime and corruption.

The comic started publication in early 2017. It updates at least once a week, hopefully on Mondays, and the book will be free to read online until it’s completed.

Content Warning: Please note that this comic contains potentially disturbing imagery and will often engage in sensitive topics.
Particularly, it contains portrayals of mental illness and physical abuse. These are either based on historical research or personal experiences of the author.
Reader discretion is advised.

About the author

Hi!! My name is Lo Vicente and I'm the writer, artist, and overall creator-person behind Towards Eden.

I've worked on a few other comics for anthologies and commisioned work, but this is my first book-sized story. Hopefully it won't be the last!

You can contact me on Twitter, or via email. I'm also on Mastodon now!